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Guest Editor – Kennedy Nelson, YLT 10

What made my junior year special was being selected to be a part of Youth Leadership Tallahassee Class 10 (2013-14). Not only did YLT develop me into a better leader, but it t [...]
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Guest Editor – Gil Ziffer, LT 17

  I thought I knew all there was to know about Tallahassee when I was accepted into LT 17. I had served on numerous boards, had volunteered whenever asked and committe [...]
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eNews Guest Editor – Tony Shah

I came from a very diverse ethnic background - born and raised in E. Africa, acquired college degree in India, got involved in business and the community in India and Kenya, t [...]
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eNews Guest Editor – Maggie Theriot

In a staff meeting I recently learned a new term, "volun-told" meaning you were just told you will be volunteering for a role.  The key to being volun-told is to fully [...]
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This year's LT Chair, George Smith, stated that the overall message for his leadership board year is Cultivate Network. He encouraged members to utiliz [...]
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I doubt that there is a single American who is not familiar with the Gutzon Borglum's masterpiece, the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in the South Dakota Black Hills. Recent [...]
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Recently, I attended an event where the icebreaker was for each of us to anonymously write down three brands that described our personalities and then we had to guess which p [...]
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eNews Guest Editor – Dan McGrew

"It was the greatest year ever...You'll meet friends for life...The experience is amazing!"  Ask any Leadership Tallahassee alumnus about their experience and you will surely [...]
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eNews Guest Editor – Rob Renzi

It was a dark and stormy night in April of 2007 - or not, as I filled out my application for Leadership Tallahassee's 25th anniversary class. I spoke about having just moved t [...]
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eNews Guest Editor – Mike LePorin


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