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  • “Leadership Tallahassee classmates are the unique confluence created in that overlap when you draw two circles intertwining family and friends.”
    - Kelly Layman, LT Class 17
  • “Although I thought I knew most everything about the Tallahassee community, LT opened so many other doors for me that I had no idea existed. Well, well done, LT!!!!”
    - Burt Davy, LT Class 25
  • “Leadership Tallahassee has given me the wonderful opportunity to learn far more about our city and what I can do to be an active part of the city.”
    - Marty Kiser, LT Class 24
  • “As a native of Tallahassee and an involved citizen, I was introduced to new topics that only my involvement in Leadership Tallahassee could have provided.”
    - Doris Maloy, LT Class 24
  • “Leadership Tallahassee has made me a more patient manager and more accepting. It has opened many doors in this community and presented numerous opportunities for growth. It was a fantastic experience!”
    - Allison Carvajal, LT Class 24
  • “Access and insight to a cross section of the citys various sectors, industries, and organizations. It was an educational and rewarding experience.”
    - Will Guzman, LT Class 24
  • “Leadership Tallahassee has meant personal and professional growth, humility, and awareness of opportunities, community needs, and avenues to lead and contribute.”
    - Linda Nelson, LT Class 24
  • “Leadership Tallahassee reaffirmed my appreciation of the fabulous community in which we work and reside. This years class has inspired me to further endeavor to work to improve the lives of those in need.”
    - Cathy Jones, LT Class 24
  • “Leadership Tallahassee has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the community I love. Leadership Tallahassee has given me lifelong friendships and many fond memories.”
    - John Dailey, LT Class 24
  • “Leadership Tallahassee has been one of the move incredible experiences I have had in Tallahassee. It has meant the opportunity for me to meet and grow close to some of the most incredible people in the city. It has also meant a chance to build friendships that I believe will last a lifetime.”
    - Stephen Bowen, LT Class 24

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